Live Rally Results 2024


Results for the rounds of the various championships where the results and/or championship points are produced using Tynemouth Computer Services software can be found at the following sites:

 Probite British Rally Championship
 PROTYRE BTRDA Rally Series comprising Gold Star and Silver Star, Fuchs Lubricants BTRDA Bronze Star, Reis Motorsport Insurance BTRDA Historic, BTRDA Rally First
 Reis Motorsport Insurance Motorsport UK English Championship UK

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 Event  Date  Club  Rally Championship(s)
  Border Counties Rally  Full  11th May  HBCC, BDMC  Protyre BTRDA Rally Series, Reis Motorsport Insurance Motorsport UK English Rally Championship, SG Petch ANECCC Stage, HRCR Motoscope Northern Historic Rally Challenge, MG3 Championship.
 Compbrake Motorsport Stages  Full  12th May  WiDMC  ANWCC Stage/Allrounders/Ladies, SD34 MSG Interclub/Stage Rally.

Recent Events:

 Event  Date  Club  Rally Championship(s)
 Rallynuts Severn Valley National Stages Rally  Full  13th April  MMMC  Probite British Rally Championship.
 Rallynuts Severn Valley National Historic Rally  Full  13th April  MMMC  Fuchs Lubricants Motorsport UK British Historic Rally Championship.
 Rallynuts Severn Valley Stages Rally  Full  13th April  MMMC  PROTYRE BTRDA Forest Rally Series, Motorsport UK Pirelli Welsh, West Wales Rally Spares HRCR Stage Masters Challenge, T.C.S. Plant Rally Challenge, Autoshop.co.uk MG3 Challenge, Bowler Defender Challenge.
 Alan Healy Memorial Rally 2024   Full  31st March  BMC  MGJ Engineering Circuit Rally Championship, Alpha Concrete ANEMMC Stage, Clubman Motorsport EMAMC Stage
 Get Jerky Rally North Wales - National and Interclub  Full  16th March  WSSCC  National: Fuchs Lubricants Motorsport UK British Historic. Interclub: Motorsport UK Pirelli Welsh Stage, West Wales Rally Spares HRCR Stage Masters, ANWCC Forest/Allrounders.
 Get Jerky Rally North Wales - Mini Challenge  Full  16th March  WSSCC  ANWCC Forest, Mini Rally Challenge
 Malcolm Wilson Rally  Full  8th/9th March  KLMC, MoCC, WCMSC, EVMC  PROTYRE BTRDA Rally Series, Reis Motorsport Insurance Motorsport UK English, ANWCC Forest, SG Petch ANECCC Stage, HRCR Motoscope Northern Historic Challenge.

 Archive of Results from 1972 to 2024  David James Event and Championship Results Archive 1995 to 2005  North East Rally Services Archive 2003 to 2024

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