International Event  Date Associated events
 Bulldog International Rally of North Wales  27th March

 Bulldog Challenge Rally

 Bulldog Historic Rally

 Bulldog National Rally

 Bulldog Clubmans Rally

 Pirelli International Rally  23/24th April

 Pirelli Challenge Rally

 Pirelli Historic Rally

 Pirelli Tour of Cumbria

 Pirelli Land Rover Rally

 Jim Clark International Rally  28/29th May

 Jim Clark Challenge Rally

 Jim Clark National Rally

 Jim Clark Land Rover Rally

 Jim Clark Historic Rally

 Jim Clark Reivers Rally

Rally Isle of Man International  9/10th July

  Isle of Man Historic Rally

  Isle of Man Challenge (Rally 1)

  Isle of Man Challenge (Rally 2)

  Manx Challenge Rally

 International Rally NI  20/21st August

  Ulster (WRC) Rally

  Ulster Historic Rally

  Ulster National Rally

  Ulster Challenge Rally 1

  Ulster Challenge Rally 2

 International Rally Yorkshire  24/25th September

 Trackrod Historic Cup

 Trackrod Historic Challenge

 Trackrod National Rally

 Trackrod BRC Challenge Rally

 Trackrod Clubman's Rally

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