XANSYS Discussion Group

XANSYS is the premier discussion group for ANSYS finite element software. The current membership is over two thousand four hundred drawn from all corners of the globe and the widest possible range of expertise and experience. The group currently operates as a mailing list with browseable archives. the list is hosted by Phoenix Analysis Design Technologies Located in Tempe Arizona. You can subscribe by visiting www.xansys.org. The current moderator of the group is Martin Liddle of Tynemouth Computer Services.


XANSYS Downloads

The following files are available for download:

Presentation: ANSYS equation solvers: usage and guidelines. Gene Poole ANSYS Solvers Team, April 2002.

User element example : Contributed by Roger Young, Industrial Research Ltd, New Zealand

ANSYS White Paper (pdf format): Obtaining Optimal Performance in ANSYS 11.0